Calvin's Story

Calvin has been Psychic since a young child and his experiences with the spirit world first became apparent to him when he received regular visitations from his late grandmother Patricia who he never met on this earthly plane due to her passing 10 years previous to the date Calvin was born.

Calvin soon began to realize that his late grandmother who had been a spiritual medium herself was the guiding light in his life and to become his permanent spirit guide.

He now shares a spiritual grandmother to grandson experience which would never of happened had spirit not come into his life.

Patricia is not only his guide but helps regularly with his development.


He is Clairaudient which means he can hear those people who have passed over.

He is Clairsentient which means he can feel those people who have passed over.

He is Clairvoyant which means he can see those people who have passed over and he can clearly see future events


Calvin has been working regularly as a medium for the past ten years holding demonstrations across the UK at spiritual centres and festivals with great success.

Calvin was voted best demonstration of the evening @ the UK Spiritual ConneXtions Awards 2010 held at Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, Hampshire.


Calvin has also been nominated for best Psychic Medium @ the Welsh Spiritual acknowledgment awards 2010.


In 2012 Calvin was invited by the late Colin Fry on his ‘Higher Senses’ tour where he received rave reviews for his work. Calvin kept in touch with Colin over the coming years until his passing to spirit in 2015.

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